Forklift Classes

DriveTrain Solutions Ltd will  ensure that you will have sufficient time  to be trained and  receive a Forklift Licence that will help you gain employment.

Forklift Classes with DriveTrain Solutions Ltd

We provide first class training to enable you to pass the forklift training course. If you are interested, get in touch to us at 01753 683972, email us at or complete the online questions form.

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Why Training Is Necessary

It would be impossible to tell you everything you need to know about forklift driving without explaining why training is necessary. To start with, forklift trucks are specifically designed to carry hefty loads in confined spaces. This makes their shape, weight distribution, and size quite a bit different from most other vehicles. Driving one without a load on the forks is considerably different by itself; add a load and forklift operation becomes quite challenging. Doing so safely requires special skills that can only be acquired through training and practice.

In order to operate a forklift safely, you need to be trained in the following:

Equipment Checks – All forklift equipment must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is safe for operational use. The formal inspections are similar to the MOT required for motor vehicles. In addition to these formal inspections, individual drivers must routinely inspect their vehicles according to basic safety and operational standards.

Forklift Manoeuvring – The most challenging aspect of forklift operation is manoeuvring the vehicles in confined spaces. This is not as easy as it sounds. It takes quite a bit of training and hands-on experience to be able to move around confined spaces without being dangerous.

Cargo Control – Training is necessary if drivers are to handle their cargo safely. Training includes things such as stacking and un-stacking cargo, proper load-balancing, and smooth operational control of forks.
Most brand-new forklift drivers have little appreciation for the fact that built-in counterbalances only go so far in preventing a forklift from tipping over. Forklifts, by design, are intended to remain in balance under a full load. When a forklift is either empty or overloaded, balance automatically becomes an issue. Drivers need to know how to deal with these issues safely.

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