Forklift Certification Training

Our company can provide you with a complete course for a Forklift Truck Licence. You can choose either a three or five-day training program.  DriveTrain Solutions Ltd with HGV Training Centre has an excellent reputation and decades of experience.

Forklift Certification Training with DriveTrain Solutions Ltd

If you are interested in any of the additional courses listed above please call us on 01753 683972, email us at or complete the online questions form.

We are adding new courses all the time so if what you are looking for is not on the list just call and ask.

More about Forklift Certification Training

We Are the Training Experts

In closing, we encourage you to consider obtaining your forklift truck licence through either a three or five-day training programme. We are the training experts for motoring and materials handling operations across the UK. We have been providing quality and cost-effective training for decades, having built our business from a very small operation into one of the largest training companies in the country.

There may be no official forklift truck licences issued by the government, but that does not mean forklift operators do not need training. Whether you are an individual looking to work in the materials handling sector or a warehouse manager responsible for overseeing a team of forklift operators, appropriate training is an absolute necessity.

We urge you, for the safety of everyone involved, to take forklift training seriously. Choosing to train with the HGV Training Centre means you are working with a committed partner; a partner with an excellent reputation and decades of experience. Our easy path to forklift certification has already helped countless numbers of operators and their employers meet their legal and ethical responsibilities for safe forklift operation. We want you to join them.

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