Forklift Driver Certification

DriveTrain Solutions Ltd wants you to be qualified for the job that you want and  certified after a first class training course.

Forklift Driver Certification with DriveTrain Solutions Ltd

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More about Forklift Driver Certification

Our Recognised Accrediting Body

We sometimes have students ask us whether or not training through a company like ours is absolutely necessary. In other words, can they receive in-house training provided by an employer? Legally, in-house training is possible. But practically speaking, employers prefer to hire operators who have already been trained and certified. They want a worker who is ready to get started on day one rather than having to undergo training first.

In order to establish some type of cohesive training within the industry, the government has approved six different accrediting bodies that have since gone on to develop standardised training programmes ensuring every student can demonstrate basic proficiency and competence prior to entering the workforce. The accrediting body we are associated with is the previously mentioned ITSSAR. This organisation is one of the most respected in the UK; we are proud to say our training programmes are accredited by them.

We want to point out that accreditation is voluntary in the UK. What this means in practical terms is that an employer could offer in-house training that is legally compliant but not approved under any set of established standards. Likewise, a training company could offer independent training that is not accredited. But why do so? More to the point, why not create training programmes that meet industry-wide standards in every respect? Such standards virtually guarantee that students who complete accredited training programmes are competent in their chosen field.

The HGV Training Centre does not shy away from the fact that our forklift certificate is awarded by ITSSAR. In fact, we are proud of our affiliation with the organisation. We know that meeting their standards means we are providing the most respected forklift certificate training in the i

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