Forklift Licence Near Me

DriveTrain Solutions Ltd conduct a 5-day fast-paced training course, but we still make sure that you  know how to do your job safely.

Forklift Licence Near Me with DriveTrain Solutions Ltd

We are adding courses all the time, so if you are looking for a course that is not yet on our list call us on 01753 683972, or email us at or complete the online questions form.

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What Training Entails

The fact that our training is conducted so quickly does not mean we are putting forklift operators into the workforce incapable of doing their jobs safely. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Our fast-paced training approach maximises learning and retention so that the knowledge and skills learned during training can be immediately applied on the job. We know our training approach works because we have seen it in action.

Considering that we put hundreds of drivers through our courses every week, we have a proven track record you can trust for high-quality training.

So what will you learn, exactly? We teach everything you need to know to be a successful forklift operator divided into the following three categories:

Forklift Theory – Forklift trucks are designed and built for specific tasks. Understanding that is part of the theory instruction we provide. We teach our operators what goes into forklift design, how the mechanics of forklifts actually work, and the physics behind transporting heavy loads safely.

Practical Skills – Obtaining theoretical knowledge is one thing, putting that knowledge to work is another. We teach new operators the practical aspects of operating a forklift safely and proficiently. This instruction includes hands-on training that enables the student to operate a forklift in a setting that simulates real-world work.

Forklift Safety – Forklifts can be dangerous pieces of equipment when handled improperly. Therefore, all of our forklift certificate training includes a safety module. Safety training addresses things such as equipment inspections, identifying and avoiding hazards, and protecting pedestrian traffic.

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