Vehicle Mounted Crane Course

The ALLMI Operator Course has 15 modules and includes an assessment that ensures that you will have  the qualifications for your job. You can contact DriveTrain Solutions Ltd if you want to know more.

Vehicle Mounted Crane Course with DriveTrain Solutions Ltd

If this is the course that you require, you can apply for training by phoning us on 1753 683972, email us at or complete the online questions form if you want to know more.

More about Vehicle Mounted Crane

Operator Course Modules


Module 1 – Course Introduction

Module 2 – Legislation

Module 3 – Introduction to Loader Crane

Module 4 – Pre-operational checks

Module 5 – Maintenance Instruction

Module 6 – Lifting Equipment/ Attachments

Module 7 – Siting the Loader Crane

Practical Instruction

Module 8 – Deployment of Stabiliser Legs

Module 9 – Use of Controls

Module 10 – Preparing Loader Crane for Use

Module 11 – Operating Loader Crane

Module 12 – Stowing Procedure

Module 13 – Preparation for Assessment / Revision

Theory & Practical

Module 14 – Theory & Practical Assessment

Module 15 – Final Administration & Candidate Feedback

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