Forklift Driver Licence

We offer first class training in operating forklift trucks. DriveTrain Training Solutions offers courses for both experienced and novice operators . We also have a 3-day course for experienced operators

Forklift Driver Licence with DriveTrain Solutions Ltd

If you want to know more about the 3-day course, call and ask us on 01753 683972, email us at or complete the online questions form.

More about Forklift Driver Licence

It Does Not Take Long

We began this guide by explaining that we offer an easy path to a forklift truck licence. It is easy in the sense that one does not need a four-year university degree to understand the basic concepts of forklift operation, or to pass the certification exam. What’s more, it doesn’t take very long either.
We offer three different course options for forklift operators. The first option is our full course. The full course is intended for those with absolutely no experience of operating a forklift. It is a five-day course that takes students through all of the information they need to learn. It includes a certain amount of hands-on training as well. The course culminates with a certification exam most of our students pass the first time around.
We also offer:
Three-Day Courses – Our three-day courses are intended for operators who have some practical experience without holding an official certificate. It is shorter because experienced operators do not have as much to learn. However, an exam is still required at the completion of training if operators want an accredited certificate.

One-Day Course – Properly trained and certified forklift drivers can enrol in a one-day course through the HGV Training Centre to brush up on their skills and knowledge. We consider these refresher courses extra training every driver should undergo on a regular basis. They keep drivers up to date on regulatory changes and industry best practices.

The reality is that you can be a certified forklift driver in just five days’ time. With a certificate in hand, you will be able to apply for one of the hundreds of open forklift jobs now available across the UK. There are no university exams to prepare for, no requirement to be away from home for months at a time, and no need to spend tens of thousands of pounds on an educational programme that may or may not result in you getting the kind of job you were hoping for. Forklift truck training is fast, convenient, and cost-effective.

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