Forklift Operator Licence

DriveTrain Solutions Ltd Forklift Training Courses maintain high standards of teaching to ensure you pass your course and qualify as a forklift operator

Forklift Operator Licence with DriveTrain Solutions Ltd.

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What We Teach

We believe that what we teach in our forklift training courses is just as important as how we teach it. Needless to say, we follow the training standards of our accrediting institution, ITSSAR.

Those standards dictate that we address things like:

Managing loads and weight balancing

Safe operation around pedestrian traffic

Methods for stacking and unstacking pallets

Equipment safety and with inspections

Operating forklifts on variable grades

Operating forklifts at safe speeds

Forklift operation while using mobile phones.

All of the things listed above are directly related to the industry-wide standards all accrediting organisations address. But we go one step further. We teach our operators how to be the best operators they can be. The thing is, safe forklift operation involves more than just a little bit of head knowledge and operational skill. It also requires a mindset under which an operator and co-worker safety is paramount.

We believe forklift safety does not happen by coincidence. It is a direct result of concentrated training that constantly reminds operators of their ethical and moral obligations. It is the result of additional training provided to managers and business owners reminding them of their obligations under the law. When everyone involved appreciates the risks involved in forklift truck operations, it is much easier to maintain the proper mindset that leads to workplace safety.

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