Forklift Licence Training

There are many benefits  to be gained by taking a Forklift Licence Training course. DriveTrain Solutions Ltd together with the  HGV Training Centre will give you the support and training you need when you enlist on one of their courses contact us on 01753683972.

Forklift Licence Training with DriveTrain Solutions Ltd.

The 5 days fast-paced training period will give you the qualifications and the ability to operate a forklift truck to a professional standard. 

If you are interested in any of the additional courses listed above please call us on 01753 683972, email us at or complete the online questions form.

More about Forklift Licence Training

The Benefits of Certification

Every driver who completes a forklift training course through the HGV Training Centre will receive a certificate accredited by ITSSAR. This accreditation is made possible by way of our adhering to the organization’s training standards for both the information provided and the training methodologies we utilise. ITSSAR-accredited certificates are widely accepted across the UK. This suggests there are very definite benefits to certification:

Finding Work – It is becoming increasingly more common for employers to request proof of certification prior to hiring new forklift operators. They want workers who are ready to go from day one, without having to undergo in-house training. It is a lot easier to search for a job with a certificate than without one.

Legal Questions – In the event of an accident (yes, they do happen) the forklift operator may be challenged as to his or her fitness and suitability as an operator. A forklift truck certificate proves the driver has completed the necessary training to be a safe and qualified operator.

Training Others – In cases where an employer decides to provide in-house training to temporary workers, the already-certified operator can be part of that training programme. This can be a substantial benefit to some employers during peak times when temporary workers are necessary.
Employer Protection – Just as the forklift certificate is helpful to operators facing legal questions, it also provides proof that the company has met its requirements under the law. Certificates demonstrate that employers have at least met the training requirements for each of their forklift operators.

The HGV Training Centre is happy to be able to provide additional support services to operators who complete our training courses. For example, we offer job placement assistance to any operators who do not already have the jobs. Not only do we want our students to be trained according to industry best practices, but we also want to see them working as quickly as possible. Otherwise, there is no point in being trained in the first place.

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